14h00 - 22h30

(Progamme open to invited participants only)

As one of the most important assets in the business, we need to fuel you for the scaling journey, but the reality of founder-life makes that challenging in practise – always leaving you at the bottom of the to-do list. In this interactive workshop we’re going to work out another way: We’re going to crack open some of the challenges that make fuelling yourself as a founder (and taking a rest!) so hard. We’ll dive into the neuroscience of stress and pressure, explore your personal barriers to sustainable productivity and performance, and identify simple day-to-day steps that will boost your performance, without stealing time from your startup mission. 


What to expect:

Over an engaging 90 minutes you’ll get the chance to listen, learn and share with other founders on what makes the founder-life uniquely challenging. Together you will literally walk the journey that supports us being able to navigate stress and perform at our best. By the end you’re guaranteed to have practical next steps to boost your day-to-day performance and a deep peer connection with those in the room too.

Join us for a 2-hour inspiring and closing networking session.
Part 1 will focus on Impact, Sustainability, Best Practices and Key tips to continue a successful
acceleration journey.
Part 2 will be dedicated to EIT Food startups opportunities post programme and will also
include some time to mingle and network with the 50 EIT FAN startups 2023.

Join us for an interactive two-hour networking session with fellow open innovation professionals from across Europe. Learn from others, share your insights about startup collaborations, and forge valuable connections within the European agrifood innovation ecosystem.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to engage, learn from each other, and get inspiration.

Meet and greet our pan-European community of leading startup founders, corporate partners, and investors at a delicious dinner on the banks of the Tagus River in the ever-changing city of Lisbon.


9h00 − 18h00

(Programme open to all)


Analisa Winther, Event Host
Andy Zynga, CEO at EIT Food

Speaker: Jamie Crummie – Co-founder at Too Good to Go

Food waste is feeding climate change: one way to a resilient food system  

This session will introduce the issue of food waste, explaining how food waste truly is feeding climate change. It will explore solutions and outline how TGTG has been able to utilise technology to bring impact at scale.

10h00 − 10h10

High impact keynote from Christina (weare3sixty founder) sharing insights from her own journey as a tech-founder and the 2019 Entrepreneur pressure and wellbeing report.

10h10 − 10h40

Discussion to challenge the stigma around founder mental health by sharing impactful founder stories, research and ecosystem insights and practical soliutions to support founder brought to life by investors, founders themselves or associations.


Narjis Chakir

What works already well when it comes to start-up / corporate collaborations, where is need for improvement? In this session we aim to identify together with selected experts from our EIT Food community best practices of start-up / corporate collaboration models.



Marie Brueser, Corporate Venture Manager at EIT Food



Kari Tronsmo, Danone
Sonia Huppert, IFF
Teresa Geß, Netzsch Group

In the second half of the session, we will present for the second time again the EIT Food Corporate Venturing Award to recognize the outstanding commitment and achievements
of selected corporate partners.

Scaling foodtech is imperative to achieving the impact potential of FoodTech in creating a healthier, more sustainable food system. As an ecosystem, and as an asset class, we are only in the nascent stages of this transformation.

Whilst the level of investment from venture capital funds is increasing, a much broader conversation is needed to engage institutional, government and – most importantly – industry players. All have a key role to play in financing and supporting the next phase in scaling the many impactful ideas being proposed by entrepreneurs. In this panel we will discuss (A) What the gaps are in funding the
FoodTech revolution, (B) What makes the scaling of FoodTech vital to human and planetary.


Thomas Van Den Boezem, Principal at FoodSparks® by PeakBridge


Marie Asano, Partner at ECBF
Maija Itkonen, Founder & CEO Onegobio
Mario Maya, Managing Partner at Cogent Venture Partners

15h00-15h10 Introduction

Mission 1: Healthier Lives Through Food
How to increase health adjusted life years (HALYS) through food and what role technology plays?
How to increase the availability of food products with improved nutritional profile to consumers, with reduced levels of salt, sugar, or trans and saturated fats?

15h10-15h30 Mission 1 : Startup pitches

15h45-15h55 Mission 2: A Net-Zero Food System 

How to reduce CO2 and other significant environmental impacts in the food system?

How to increase the number of products on the market that use food waste, side-streams, alternative or new ingredients and improve environmental impact outcomes?

15h55-16h15 Mission 2 : Startup pitches

16h15-16h25  Keynote: David Taylor – Head of EMEA Sales and Business Development at Agritask

How to reduce the cost burden attached to food insecurity and food safety issues? 

How to increase Societal Return on Investment due to the adoption of technology improving transparency, traceability, or security across the food system?

16h25-16h45 Mission 3: Startup pitches