About Agritask

Agritask is an ag-tech, SaaS company headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.  We provide a holistic ag-operations platform for agricultural stakeholders, designed to enable fact-based, on-time decision making.  Our vision is for farmers globally to benefit from precision agriculture regardless of their starting point.  Our clients today consist of growers, ag-buyers, farm inputs companies, governments and NGOs, research institutes, and ag-insurers and creditors.  It operates in over 30 countries and across 50 crop types.  The team at Agritask is diverse and multi-disciplinary, including experts in agronomy, precision agriculture, and GIS and remote sensing.

About the platform

The Agritask platform excels in enabling agricultural stakeholders to capture and make real use of data.  It is used to support the entire ag-operations process, from pre-planting to post-harvest, and various value chain and grower service activities.  Agritask is designed with the philosophy that each client has individual work methods, and the technology needs to be flexible to meet his or her requirements.  The data capture consists of a proprietary mobile app to simplify field data collection, remote sensing solutions based on satellite and other aerial imagery, and interoperability with other 3rd party technologies, ranging from weather stations and field sensors to ERP systems and other software.  The data is then aggregated and processed to provide actionable insights, underpinned by GIS and business intelligence capabilities.  The platform then facilitates execution through various planning, task assignment and monitoring functions.

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