Thelial BV, operating under trade name Epinutra, is a Dutch nutraceutical development company that was founded in July 2019. It develops nutraceuticals from a natural source based on safe and well-known food ingredients that were shown to support esophagus health in a targeted way. Epinutra’s vision is to facilitate the shift from using pharmaceuticals towards nutraceuticals for digestive health management using evidence-based product development. Epinutra’s key proprietary asset is benesco™, a natural nutraceutical to reinforce the esophagus epithelium barrier which is weakened because of frequent acid reflux in heartburn sufferers. August 2020 the seed financing round was closed; since then benesco™ has been launched in Netherlands and the first clinical trial is under way. Next plans include expanded commercial roll-out and clinical trials, for which investors and partners are needed.
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