Hanne Decoutere


Hanne spent many years working for the VRT before she appeared as newsreader for the first time in September 2012. She first worked for Jan Van Rompaey in Ombudsjan, and then for Terzake and Het Journaal, where she mainly reported on politics with her legal background. The talented journalist is a very charismatic presenter and moderator, is particularly interested in France and has a soft spot for ballet.

Sitting still is not for Hanne Decoutere; stress and deadlines keep her on her toes. Her inner stage artist also gets to shine during her work as news presenter: “I see presenting the news as a performance. It’s more stressful than you'd think and, being a perfectionist, I spend a lot of time writing my text. My style is perhaps a little more formal than the others, but I always try to be welcoming.” This combination of focus, resistance to stress and determination, as well as her open and graceful appearance, make Hanne Decoutere an ideal moderator. Her motto is straightforward: be a strong woman in a man's world.

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