Microbion is a Contract Research Organization specialized in customizing and applying cutting-edge DNA based technologies for identification, characterization and authentication of bacteria, yeasts, moulds and microbial communities (microbiota) that are relevant for industries such as agri-food, nutraceuticals (probiotics), pharmaceutical and generally all bio-based processes of the circular economy.

Microbion offers innovative solutions thorough valorisation of microbial biodiversity leading to selection of best starters of fermentations, best competitors of pathogens and contaminants. Microbion provides state of the art genomic and metagenomic technologies for strain characterization and analysis of complex microbial ecologies.

Microbion offers also solutions for high resolution monitoring of microbes (strain and species level) in products and processes leading to reliable Challenge-Tests (based on native strains) for validation of product stability and process sanitization in food, nutraceutical and cosmetics industry.

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