Rudolf Sollacher

Senior Research Scientist
Rudolf Sollacher received his PhD in Physics in 1990 from Technical University Munich. After postdoctoral positions at Niels-Bohr Institute in Copenhagen and at Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung in Darmstadt he came to Siemens Technology in 1995, first as a guest scientist and from 1996 as an employee. His focus was on advanced control, self-organization and machine learning in diverse projects covering applications like traffic control, wireless networks, smart grids and industry 4.0. As a Senior Research Scientist he  is currently an expert in automation and digitization of food production. He is coordinating projects in this area at Siemens Technology and he is representing Siemens in EIT Food and its colocation center CLC Central. Major activities funded by EIT Food are in the areas of digital food supply chains and advanced automation of food production.
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