Many vitamins, minerals, and supplements are unpleasant for the consumer. An example is Omega 3 that smells of fish but is good for our health. Other problems can be poor absorption or scare stability. These problems are serious for any food manufacturer who wants to produce functional foods or for nutraceutical companies wanting to introduce new products on the market. Sphera Encapsulation can solve that using easy to implements, sophisticated, proprietary encapsulation technologies that can make the substances tasteless and odorless, highly bioavailable, easy to manipulate, so innovative products are created, and we can stay healthy. Our technologies, being very versatile, can be used also for other markets like one of agrochemicals, pharma, and cosmetics 

Encapsulation is Sphera's core business and can be defined as a set of approaches designed to incorporate one substance into a second one, acting as a protective barrier, obtaining particles or capsules characterized by a diameter of about 1- 1000 microns in the case of micro-encapsulation, or less than 1000 microns when it comes to nano-encapsulation. Sphera is one of the rare companies characterized by extreme flexibility, which in the field of encapsulation, can be translated into a vast knowledge of the different types of technologies: spray dry, fluid bed, ionotropic gelation, emulsion, conservation, and much more. But there is more to that- it is the only company that has decided to explore the possibility of mixing multiple technologies to obtain new features thus creating a new generation of encapsulated products. 


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